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All About Multi-Dog Units (What if you have more than one dog?)

Multi Dog Units

Many folks are looking to work two or more dogs at the same time with the convenience of only needing one transmitter. This can be done with a multi dog collar. We sell two, three, four, five and six dog systems.

A multi-dog system allows you to correct the individual dog by selecting him with either a toggle switch or the transmitter will have separate buttons for each dog.

You will only correct one dog at a time and you can not correct all the dogs at the same time.

Multi-Dog systems are easy to use with very little effort. The main goal is to keep from accidentally stimulating the wrong dog.

To keep up with which dog is which, the collars come in different colors and the transmitters match up with the color at the transmitter.

I have a simple system that helps me keep up with which dog is wearing which collar. First, I always keep the same collar on the same dog. Next I always put the "hotter" color collar strap (normally red or orange on most brands) on the dog more likely to need a correction. I put the cooler color collar strap (green, black, or blue on most brands) on the dog less likely to need a correction. This way my mind knows who is who.

On systems that use a toggle switch to change collar selections, I always keep the toggle switch on the "hot" dog that will likely need to be corrected first.

If I have to correct the "cool" dog then I know that I must first change the toggle switch before I correct the dog. After I am done correcting the "cool" dog I always put the switch back on the "hot" dog. This way I always know which dog the switch is set on without having to look at the transmitter.

Another problem with multi-dog units is that most times your dogs will need different levels for the exact same behavior (say not coming when called - Dog one might need a 3 while dog two only needs a 1).

Most multi dog units use the same intensity level selector dial for both dogs. That means if you have your collar set on a high level for your "tough" dog, you will need to lower the level before you correct your "sensitive" dog.

I tend to keep my multi dog collars set on lower levels and I raise them as needed. When I am done with the high level correction, I immediately lower the stimulation level. I would rather under stimulate a dog that requires a high level than over stimulate a dog that needs a low level. I also like to know what level I am on at all times so I always go back to my preset level when I am done with a higher level correction.

Multi Dog Collars under $300
  • Garmin Delta 2-dog
  • SportDOG SD-425 2-dog
  • DT Systems Micro iDT PLUS 2-dog
  • Petsafe VT-1 (vibration only) 2-dog
  • Petsafe VT-3 2-dog
  • Mini Educator ET-302TS 2 -dog
  • Educator ET-402TS 2-dog

    Multi Dog Collars under $400
  • Garmin Delta 3-dog
  • Garmin Delta SPORT 2-dog
  • SportDog SD-825 2-dog
  • SportDOG SD-1225 2-dog
  • Dogtra 282 NCP Platinum 2-dog
  • Dogtra Element 302M 2-dog
  • Dogtra 1902 NCP Field Star 2-dog
  • Dogtra SureStim M Plus 2-dog
  • DT Systems H2O 1810 PLUS 2-dog
  • DT Systems H2O 1820 PLUS 2-dog
  • DT Systems Micro iDT PLUS 3-dog
  • Lady Educator ET-302TS-L 2-dog
  • Educator ET-802 2-dog
  • Einstein ET-1202A HD Camo 2-dog
  • Einstein ET-1202A HD Upland 2-dog

    Multi Dog Collars under $500
  • Garmin Delta SPORT 3-dog
  • SportDOG SD-1825 2-dog
  • SportDOG SD-1825 Camo 2-dog
  • SportDOG SD-2525 2-dog
  • SportDOG SD-3225 2-dog
  • SportDOG SD-425 3-dog
  • SportDOG SD-825 3-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO 70 2-dog
  • Dogtra 2302 NCP Advance 2-dog
  • Dogtra 3502 NCP Super-X 2-dog
  • Dogtra SureStim H Plus 2-dog
  • DT Systems H2O 1810 PLUS 3-dog
  • DT Systems H2O 1820 PLUS 3-dog
  • DT Systems H2O 1850 PLUS 2-dog (w/ Beeper)
  • DT Systems SPT 2422 2-dog

    Multi Dog Collars under $600
  • Garmin Delta UPLAND 2-dog
  • SportDOG SD-1875 2-dog (w/ Beeper)
  • SportDOG SD-1225 3-dog
  • SportDOG SD-1825 3-dog
  • SportDOG SD-1825 Camo 3-dog
  • SportDOG SD-2525 3-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO 70 3-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO 550 2-dog
  • Tri-Tronics Trashbreaker G3 2-dog
  • Dogtra 2502 T&B 2-dog (w/ Beeper)
  • Dogtra Edge 2-dog
  • DT Systems SPT 2432 2-dog (w/ Beeper)

    Multi Dog Collars under $700
  • SportDOG SD-3225 3-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO 100 2-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO 550 3-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO Trashbreaker 2-dog
  • Tri-Tronics Trashbreaker G3 2-dog (w/ Tracer Lights)

    Multi Dog Collars over $700
  • Garmin Delta UPLAND 3-dog
  • SportDOG SD-1825 4-dog
  • SportDOG SD-1825 5-dog
  • SportDOG SD-1825 6-dog
  • SportDOG SD-1875 3-dog (w/ Beeper)
  • SportDOG SD-2525 4-dog
  • SportDOG SD-2525 5-dog
  • SportDOG SD-2525 6-dog
  • SportDOG SD-3225 4-dog
  • SportDOG SD-3225 5-dog
  • SportDOG SD-3225 6-dog
  • Tri-Tronics Upland 550 2-dog (w/ Beeper)
  • Tri-Tronics Upland 550 3-dog (w/ Beeper)
  • Tri-Tronics PRO 100 G3 3-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO 70 4-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO 70 5-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO 70 6-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO Trashbreaker 3-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO Trashbreaker 4-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO Trashbreaker 5-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO Trashbreaker 6-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO Trashbreaker 7-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO Trashbreaker 8-dog
  • Tri-Tronics PRO Trashbreaker 9-dog
  • Tri-Tronics Trashbreaker G3 3-dog (w/ Tracer Lights)
  • Tri-Tronics Trashbreaker G3 4-dog (w/ Tracer Lights)
  • Tri-Tronics Trashbreaker G3 5-dog (w/ Tracer Lights)
  • Tri-Tronics Trashbreaker G3 6-dog (w/ Tracer Lights)
  • Dogtra Edge 3-dog
  • Dogtra Edge 4-dog

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