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"I would give this product 6 stars if it was made in the USA."

By: Jonathan Guevara Of San Antonio,TX

Customer Service: I ordered the SD1825 and after the first full charge, the collar unit would not charge on the dock. A brand new SD1825 was sent out immediately with an RMA for the defective unit, no questions asked.

Easy to use:
Once you've walked through the manual to get a feel for how the thing programs, its a piece of cake. It's just plain intuitive once it's programmed.

Collar unit:
Comes with two sizes of prods which helps if you have a hairy/loose skinned dog. The collars are trimmable, but I suggest leaving at least one untrimmed so you can wrap the collar around the belly "Ronnie Smith Style". The belly is very sensitive so remember to gauge the belly sensitivity lower than the neck!

Handheld unit:
Easy fit for the hand and doesn't take up much space. The dial is easily toggled with gloves on and so are the buttons and the switch. The lanyard attachment is okay, but I suggest clipping this to your vest or belt; otherwise, any actual upland terrain will make anything that dangles a liability. The dial for stimulation levels goes 1-8, and has a satisfying "click" for each number whether dialing up or down. That's handy if you'd rather not take your eyes off of the dogs while they are working, so you can judge their focus level, attitude, etc. (As long as you can remember what number you're on!)

I can vouch for the remote's ability to survive a good dunking in a livestock tank. My dog will beeline when she hunts dead on a good mark, and the collar and collar unit don't show any signs of wearing out after being dragged through mud, brush cactus, whatever. Just give it a wipe down if you're worried about it. Both remote and receiver are waterproof, though I confess I am wary of duck hunting on the coast because I'm just not sure about any waterproof items in salt water, so I don't know if this is "salt-waterproof". I've hunted with this as cold as my dog will take it, in the teens with windchill right around zero, and I didn't have any issues with battery life or range.

I have a long range dog-I've seen her hit 1,000 yards in open fields, so I don't know her limit, and that's why I got the SD1825 instead of some of the shorter range e-collars. None of the other e-collars with mile+ ranges seemed to be as flexible and expandable as this one. From vantage points with moderate coverage and occasional trees, this collar works out to nearly two miles (if you believe the gps). I'm sure the range is closer to a mile (or even less) with heavy cover at the bottom of the hills.

I use the tone for control; because I don't like yelling at a dog that probably can't hear me anyway at several hundred yards away. In moderate wind a whistle loses its effectiveness at those distances, ergo the tone. I liked having the flexibility to choose between tone and vibration to see what my dog responds to, turns out the vibration just freaks her out. With most e-collar systems you have to choose between tone and vibration before you know how your dog will respond.

I only have one dog, but I know a puppy is in my future! The programs for the remote allow up to three dogs at a time per remote, and even those settings are intuitive and still allow for a hard nosed dog to run with a soft dog from the same remote. Since the collars themselves can be set to low, medium or high, the remote can handle dogs of all temperaments with very little dialing up and down depending on which dog you are handling.

I would give this product 6 stars if it was made in the USA, and I would definitely pay the price differential were that so. The units that are made in the USA are definitely nice units, but the reason I settled on the SD1825 is I don't want a giant handheld unit, I like the range of the SD1825, I wanted the option of tone/vibration, the list goes on. I'm obviously happy with the product!

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 607
Reviewed: 2011-04-21

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