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"I consider this a miracle."

By: Steve Capizzi Of,NY

I have an Anatolian Shepherd. If you know anything about the breed, you'll know they are very intelligent and independent. This breed has remained unchanged for a thousand years and are considered a national treasure in Turkey, where their primary purpose is to guard the flocks of sheep and goats while they graze in the mountains. They are left alone for months at a time, with no supervision and no food [they catch their own food]. Suffice to say, this dog has a mind of his own, and even with repetitive, continual training, he responds to commands at his own pace. I live in a rural area with lots of woods and pastures. I like to take him with me when I travel around my 100 acres. He would stay with me while I was out. But as soon as I started on my way home, I would have to put a leash on Barney, or he would take off. Even when I thought I had him trained to a point where I could trust him, he would obey a couple days, but then the next time take off. When he takes off that would mean I would have to drive up and down the road looking for him. Sometimes I would get a call from a neighbor saying Barney was there visiting.
This couldn't go on. Sometimes I use an ATV when I have chores on a far end of the property. I had to make a choice. Leave Barney behind, or find a better way. I went online and did some research. I found the Sportdog SD-1825 at Gun Dog Supply and gave it a try. After getting it, I read the directions thoroughly and tried it out. Barney is a big dog. He weighs in at 130 lbs. More than once I was dragged through thorn bushes while walking him on a leash, and he saw a rabbit or squirrel. After using it the Sportdog SD 1825, only TWO TIMES, Barney started listening to commands. Now I take him everywhere with me, no leash, and I never have to worry. Even when tempted by a rabbit or squirrel or a deer, as soon as I call him he stops and comes back. He always stays in sight. And when I let him wander out of my sight, just a buzz of the audible on the collar brings him back.
I consider this a miracle. Thanks.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 566
Reviewed: 2011-04-21

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