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"Wow. So Impressed"

By: Mariah,Enterprise Oregon

I've been meaning to write to you about the Sportdog product. We had used other shock collars in the past and found them to be not only clunky, but prone to breakage, or antenna loss, or battery failure. This caused us a lot of grief in the field with a very hard-headed English Pointer. When we got a new Vizsla puppy, I wanted to be sure, and do everything right, and from the get go it was obvious that she was a very sensitive and responsive dog, so I wanted a collar that would suit her temperament, and be a better overall product than our previous purchases.

I read the manual and training instructions thoroughly and started out slowly. Just wearing the collar took her awhile to adjust to. The beep function is awesome. None of our old collars had this. If she doesn't respond to a verbal command, or is out of range of our voices, the beep clues her into us immediately. We virtually never have to apply any shock to her. The charge seems to last forever, and the unit is small and easy for her to wear. And there is no antenna to fall off! The handheld controller is small and well designed. It works not only for me (I have small hands), but for my husband as well, and he is always the first to point out flaws in any design.

Last year, the last remaining original collar that we used on the English Pointer finally lost its last antenna, and the old pointer is one we have to run with a collar on. So we bought another collar and programmed it to run from the one controller. This is really handy, and since the primary level of shock is set in the collar and not the control unit, we don't err as badly when there is an inadvertent shock applied with the lever in the wrong position. (We of course try to never have this happen, but it has on occasion.)

We did have a problem with the add-on collar within the first few months of owning it. It would not hold a charge and would show recharged in 20 minutes, but wouldn't even beep. I contacted you, and you gave me the number to call Sportdog directly. Wow. I was So Impressed with their responsiveness! I forwarded them my invoice (email), and I had a new collar in a week. They didn't even have me send the old one back. We have had no problems with the new one, but it's great to know that if there is a problem, it will be remedied quickly and painlessly. I also like that each collar has a different color band (one is hunter orange and one is fluorescent green), which makes it easy to tell them apart.
I recommend this product 100%.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 552
Reviewed: 2011-04-21

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