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By: Bob Brearey

The Sportdog 1825 is unreliable. I started using the unit in July 2009. In the 15 months Iíve had the unit, Iím on my third receiver (collar) unit and my fourth transmitter unit. The collar unit(s) would not hold charge for more than 8 hours even when turned off. The battery was replaced first, followed by two replacements of the collar unit. So far it seems to be working. My experience with the transmitter unit was even worse. I had the upper left button fall off of the first two units. The third unit would not transmit more than 12 yards, just as it came out of the box. Yes, really, exactly 12 yards. I tested it on another humanÖ13 yards and no response. Sportdog replaced the unit for a fourth time, but I havenít used it. This is the least reliable product Iíve ever owned. All of these failures on an ecollar used to train 1 dog for an hour a day is inexcusable.

PSÖI ended up buying a Tri-tronic Pro 100 to replace it. And yes, Iíd like my money back from Sportdog.

Product Rating: 1 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 340
Reviewed: 2010-12-14

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