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"Pretty much everything I would want, except it could do with one more button or a few more levels"

By: Ryan

Hunts. Family pet.

I used the SportDog version just because it had vibrate and tone. I use the vibrate as a remote release command (from stay/woh etc.), and the tone as a recall, which she is starting to understand.
So basically it's a dual purpose tool, correction and remote commands.
The sport dog e-collar seems well made and waterproof, pretty much everything I would want, except it could do with one more button or a few more levels. There are 4 commands, but only 3 buttons (nick, cont., buzz, tone). Not sure who missed that in the design, but seems like quite a large oversight to me. So you have to change the mode to get the other functions, which is a laborious process. Also it could do with a few more smaller steps in intensity from 3-4 could do with a level in between. But other than not having nick available, it's a great training tool.

The e-collar is working well for me & my Vizsla, as a gauge of harshness, I don't set it higher than I can handle on myself, she doesn't flinch or even react on the main setting (3), I go one higher (4) when she's amped up/very distracted & she doesn't react to that either. It's not magic at these levels and doesn't elicit an immediate change but after 5/10 corrections she gets it. This is what ultimately helped solve the leash pulling issue which was a tough one. Took me a long time to get her to understand what she was doing wrong first then applied the e-collar, and she mustered the self control reasonably quickly. I still need reminder days now and again, but mostly she's good.
Initially when I used it on these low settings, and she was excited, she just ignored the corrections, but slowly it sunk in. Figured that was a better approach than over-correcting.

Product Rating: 3 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 3369
Reviewed: 2013-05-12