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"This product worked great on my dog!"

By: Yaya

Bichon/poodle mix. Family pet.

Thank you so much to the Sportdog NoBark 10R!

I love my dog (almost 2 years) so much and he is a sweet dog ever...
He would not bark when people pass by the front door ; EXCEPT when he hear another dog barks outside.

When he hears that, he runs to the kitchen and barks back to the dog facing toward the window.
(Day and Night; anytime when he hears it (T_T) )

I did not know what to do.

Before the No Bark Collar, I used to go over to him and told him to "sit" then said "It`s okay" "Calm" but I noticed that I have to be there at the moment all the time...that was impossible for me to do.

My neighbor also asked me why he barks.. then I knew she was not happy with it.

I was scared to use the No Barking Collar, but I wanted to make sure he does not bother anyone in my building.

Thanks to Steve, I got this product so quick (I live in Canada).
I charged it, and used it on him that night.


As usual, I hear the dog was barking outside and watched my dog`s reaction.
He went over to the kitchen and started to bark.

1st night

1st reaction ; "woof" and "zip" He stood there looking confused.

2nd reaction: "woof" and "zap" started to come back to crate with whiny voice

and STOP! Yippie!

2nd night

1st reaction: "woof" and "zip" came right back to me and lay down by my side.


3rd day:

1st reaction: "woof woof woof" and "zip" He went "Yip" with a little shock and came right back to me

Oh, my...the 3rd day was hard for me....
I cried when my dog "Yipped"

but after that, he DID STOP!

Now, I have this collar for a couple of weeks.
As soon as I put or show him the collar, he is the quiet boy.

Yes, we still hear another dog barks, but my dog does not bark at all like he used to be. He just whines and that`s it.

This product worked great on my dog!

Thank you, Steve!

P.S. I just placed my order for Remote training collar...I can`t wait to try on him.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 3167
Reviewed: 2012-09-07

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