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SportDOG Sport Hunter SD-1825

By: Jody Yoxthimer From OH

Family pet.

I have only owned the collar for about a month, but I can see its potential. It is a high quality piece of equipment with LOTS of options. My dog is sensitive, and I wanted a lot of options to try. The training book / DVD are very helpful, and I constantly remind myself to take it slow and train my dog with one task at a time. When you see that 'light bulb' moment in your dog you feel confident in the collar's potential. I think the key to the success in these collars is making sure your dog understands the command first, and then you condition the dog to the cue on the collar to perform the command. It takes time and patience and like the book says, 'mistakes will be made.' I have yet to verify the range of the collar. I'm going to make my husband wear it and run off into the woods. My purpose in buying the collar was to gain better control of my dog on recall. She ran off into the road and doesn't know when to stop chasing squirrels or rabbits. I'm finding the threshold point to get her attention and recall. With no distractions she will come back to me and sit using the tone or vibration only. More training and practice is needed, but I am learning how to properly use the collar and train my dog to come home to mama!

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 30326
Reviewed: 2016-06-30

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