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SportDOG FieldTrainer SD-425

By: Randy Harper From OK

Hunts. Family pet.

Unit seems sturdy and works as advertised. Collar is kind of a pain. I would rather have a cloth material instead of the cheap plastic. I have never used a device like this before, but so far it seems like a very useful tool for stubbornness of dog - commands not obeyed. I have only had this unit for a month or so and have not really been out enough to see how well it really works. This type of device seems to provide a little more leverage when needed for her to obey. I need more experience with it to fully understand it's potential. The tone, vibrate and shock are all very useful. This dog obeys well with just tone and vibrate modes, but I did have to use shock once so far - when she decided to run off to the neighbors and play, running across the road and sloshing rain water and dirt all over everybody. She eventually came back by command but it took level #3 shock to get her attention again. I can see where it might be pretty handy for when she gets excited like this and wants to run to children and other dogs to play. She is getting large so children are afraid of her plus she jumps up on people, which is another command I need to get her to obey. I think this unit and method will come in very handy for some commands she needs to obey. All in all, this unit is probably a very good first time device of this nature, it is suppose to be waterproof which it seems to be so far, but I have not let the dog swim with it yet to really know. The batteries seem to last so far, but I really have not taken an entire day in the field with it to know. The construction is pretty good, you can tell it's not the cheap plastic on the handheld unit and the unit on the dog collar is well epoxied and constructed strongly. As I said before, the only thing I would complain about is the thin cheap collar, but I think you could fit a thin fabric material collar onto the unit and be much happier with the way it looks and feels to the dog. I don't know how other units work, but it would also be nice if the hand unit would make a tone when you use the tone button, just so you can feel more comfortable it is toning mode when you press the button, you can't hear anything if the dog is very far away. Only the collar unit tones. If the dog is not responding to the tone which you usually can’t hear - then you aren't sure if the collar is working correctly to confidently go to vibrate or shock to get her to obey. You just have to trust that the unit is working correctly. And don’t forget to turn the collar on when you are ready to use the hand device, it is easy to forget. The collar has a little green light on it when it is on, but you can’t see it once it’s on the dog. It would be nice to have a green flasher in the front of it that is more visible. But for a first time user, I am happy with it so far, I think it will work for some time and give me lots of pleasure in watching my dog friend advance and obey.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 28973
Reviewed: 2016-04-21

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