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"Yay! It works!"

By: Leslie

Y Lab,G Ret,B LabX. Owns 3 dogs. Family pet. Competes.

Yay! It works! She no longer barks when we do ball retrieving so I can take her to public dog parks, etc. without having to worry about her incessant over-the-top barking and annoying everybody and adjoining neighbors. We tried a citronella no-bark collar first and that didn't phase her one bit. I will say the shock collar scared the bajeebers out of her the first time we used it (she's a gentle soul) but she started to make the connection that day that barking leads to a not-so-good outcome. We have it set on the temperament setting, and that has worked really well for her. The device seems to be appropriately calibrated since her whining and small yips during ball throwing don't set it off. Battery charge is definitely holding in there, and does appear to be waterproof as we have used in snow, rain, and wet conditions. The only fault I would give it that others have shared is the bucket collar is hard to get on an excited dog, and the collar holes make it a little difficult to get the exact snug fit. I'm not at all a negative-training fan for dogs but this seems to be a good compromise, and somewhat gentle reminder to her when I'm not nearby of no barking.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 26986
Reviewed: 2016-02-03

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