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"Works great and is a lot of fun to use."

By: Arion Vandergon From MN

Hunts. Competes.

The unit works great and is a lot of fun to use. It is really nice to see how far my dog has traveled and to see what her path is in relation to mine for field coverage. In heavy cover it is great to have the On Point notification. I ran into an issue with it twice where the unit somehow had corrupted data that required a forced update through the BaseCamp software. The unit would not power on until the software on the Alpha 100 was updated even though it had the latest version loaded. This happened two times and unfortunately the second time was in the middle of a pheasant hunting trip in North Dakota this past week. It's a good thing I had a backup TriTronics Pro 100! The other unfortunate thing is that someone stole all of my hunting gear out of my buddy's truck along with the Alpha 100 and TT15, so now I will need to purchase another one after the insurance goes through. Maybe the next one won't have the same issues. Garmin technical service was very helpful in solving the issue and entering the units as stolen each time I called, so I am very pleased with the service.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 25334
Reviewed: 2015-12-07

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