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Garmin Alpha 100 With TT15 COMBO (1-dog GPS System)

By: Karen Brooks From PA

Owns 2 dogs. Family pet.

This works exactly as I hoped it would. We recently adopted a year-old mixed-breed dog and want to take him mountain biking along with our old pro dog. The conventional wisdom is that it's impossible to trust a dog to stay with you unless you've raised him from young puppyhood, but with the Garmin, training for this is proving not just possible, but fun and rewarding. I can get my dog's attention to give commands, changing the stim level to suit the situation. If he happens to run off anyway (deer are still a big temptation), I can track him and know when he stops running and heads back toward me. Just 10 days in and already we consider the Garmin well worth the money. By next spring we'll be ready to tackle some big rides. Even when the new guy is fully trained, the handheld unit will be very useful for making sure the humans don't get lost.

I'd highly recommend also purchasing Robin McFarlane's Basic Obedience Ecollar Training DVD. Robin's instruction is sensible and straightforward, and cleared up a couple misconceptions we had about how to use an e-collar.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 25119
Reviewed: 2015-11-28

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