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SportDOG FieldTrainer SD-425

By: John From UT

I bought the SportDog Field Trainer SD-425 to replace my old Yard Trainer, which failed after just short of 2 years of near daily use. The good: The SD-425 is lighter, charges MUCH faster, and holds a charge longer. The receiver is smaller and lighter, and the power button is relocated so that it sits against the dog’s neck. This should reduce the likelihood that the dog will bump up against something and inadvertently turn the collar off (not a big problem, but it did happen once or twice with the old collar). The small receiver also seems less likely to ride around to the side of my dog’s neck than the old receiver. The remote is small and light, and fits easily in a pocket. Of the 3 or 4 trainers I’ve tried, it’s by far my favorite remote. The SD-425 also has greater range, but that’s not a major issue for me – if my dog is more than 75 yards away we’re not working together as I would like. The different: With my old trainer I could program each of the 3 buttons, so I could have a tone button, a light stim button, and a more intense stim button. Having 2 levels of stim was really nice as it allowed me to keep the stim low but ramp up quickly if needed (think porcupine, car, etc.). With the SD-425 I now have a tone button, a “nick” (quick stim), and a continuous stim button – but both stims are set at the same level. Going from nick to continuous stim is less effective than an increase in stim levels. The SD-425 does give me the ability to control multiple dogs with the same remote, which my old trainer could not do. Giving up programming control over the button function to gain control over multiple collars is a tradeoff. I only have 1 dog, so it wasn’t a great tradeoff for me, but it likely makes sense for others. You be the judge. And just to be clear, you can always increase the stim by simply turning the dial. That’s pretty easy to do, but the less I need to fumble with the better (think about that charging that porcupine again). The other thing I noticed is that the rubber cap over the charging ports on the SD-425 is less secure than the cap on my old trainer. I’m not sure whether this will turn out to be a big difference or not. We haven’t been swimming with the new collar yet, but I’ll admit to being a little nervous. It’s hard to go wrong with the SD-425. It’s a well made product and simple to operate.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 24093
Reviewed: 2015-10-16

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