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SportDOG FieldTrainer SD-425

By: Thomas Kuykendall From

Seems like a good product but not suitable for smaller dogs like my 11# Coton. The hard plastic collar is so stiff that I had to choke Buddy a little just to attach it to his neck and remove it. Still, I put it on him for several hours a day for four days without activating it -- as recommended so he wouldn't associate the collar with the signals. First I tried the beep, the vibration, and the shock on myself. I was surprised at the strength of the shock even at its lowest setting, but I thought surely, they know what they're doing. Then I tried the beep on Buddy. He noticed it but wasn't impressed. Ditto with the vibration. Later I shocked him at the very lowest setting. He yelped and leaped into the air and tried to run from me --Somehow he knew I was responsible. For several hours Buddy cowered and slunk away from me when I tried to approach him - which he had never done before. Instead of using the collar, I'll be checking Gun Dog Supply's return policy. I hope I'll have a good report on that.

I suspect that the shock was set too high at the factory. If it were set lower I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this electronic collar for a larger dog like a lab. But I don't think this product is suitable for dogs as small as Buddy.

Product Rating: 2 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 22857
Reviewed: 2015-08-15

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