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Sport Dog No Bark SBC-10R Rechargebable No Bark Collar

By: Shelly H From PA

Owns 7 dogs.

This Review may be rather lengthy, but for anyone contemplating a purchase, hopefully this will help.

We have purchased multiple $99.00 no bark collars from Pet Smart and another brand which was also priced at $99.00. Both of these collars did not work and were giving false corrections which is quite disturbing to the dog and owner. Also, you had to make them too tight on the neck for them to give a correction!

Out of desperation I took a chance and ordered just one (1) collar from Gun Dog Supply and to my amazement, the SBC-10R No Bark Collar actually worked, and my dog was happy, going outside playing, and not barking! You do not have to make this collar tight like the other collars. I just hated that!

I ordered six (6) more collars and I now have 7 well behaved dogs. Previously, going out the door there was great competition, but now it has slowed everything down along with our help too. You might get some slight noises or a bark or so, but then it stops. When they are outside, I don't have to run out and bring them in because of the barking. We now have peace, and we are able to put the dogs out when the neighbors are outside with no worries!

Just one suggestion for anyone that has a barker, but a dog that is sensitive. I remove the collars every evening before bed on all dogs, and when I go out during the day or evening I am able to leave the collars on all when I put them in their crates except for one. Our little Katy is a real barker, but if she is in her crate with the collar on and barks when I come home she panics and starts barking and getting very upset. Easy fix. I take her collar off when putting her in the crate the others are fine. She get her collar back on when I leave her out of the crate and has it on in the house and outside and does just great (hopefully this helps someone). She is a very happy dog and is not fearful.

The staff that I spoke with at Gun Dog Supply was most helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns. The collars were shipped immediately.

Last but not least, you are the reason Steve I made my purchase, you took the time to do a wonderful information video and also have all instructions on your web site, what a wonderful help. You could not have been any more thorough.


Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 20499
Reviewed: 2015-04-27

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