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"This e collar truly has been a blessing for my dog and my family."

By: William Morgan From SC

Family pet.

I normally don't leave feedback, but this e collar has been a game changer so I felt I needed too. My lab was around 9 months old and was constantly trying to bolt out the door if opened and when he did he would make us chase him for 15-20 mins before he would come back. This was extremely frustrating and embarrassing in front of neighbors. We couldn't let him hang out in the yard off leash while we were outside because he would chase squirls, cats and people. So when we had to do yard work or something he had to stay inside and look at us through the window, sad wanting to come play which only added to his eagerness to bolt out the door when opened. I didn't really have the extra $175 to spend on an e collar, but something had to give. My wife and I both tested the collar on our self on settings 1-7 (It goes to 14) and decided level 3 didn't hurt but just felt kinda weird. Level 3 ended up being the working level for my lab as well. I started by using a 15ft leash and would let him get distracted and then I would say "here", shock him and pull the leash towards me. He learned the here command perfectly after about 10 times. Today after 3 weeks I have a dog that will obey the here command from anywhere in my yard and if not a simple shock makes him come running for my feet. I now come home from work and go outside and he just stays by my side or plays in the yard close by with OUT A LEASH! I can even take him for walks around the neighborhood now without a leash. This e collar truly has been a blessing for my dog and my family.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 14372
Reviewed: 2014-10-09

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