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"Love this collar"

By: Damain

Hound/Shepherd Mix. Family pet.

Love this collar. I adopted this dog from a county shelter in Dec 2013, whom would have euthanize him shortly. He has been a terrific dog, gets along with the senior beagle I have and the cat. He was already house broken, but not really trained beyond that.

About a month after having him, he started to experience severe separation anxiety. It was to the point that he was harming himself, ie bit his tongue several times, and eventually broke a tooth trying to get out of his crate while I was at work. He even started to urinate out the side of his crate onto the floor. You could see him getting all worked up in the morning when I was getting ready and grabbed my keys. His barking was terrible and I just knew animal control would eventually be called do to his nuisance barking.

I spoke with my vet, whom also extracted his broken tooth, and we decided to put him on an anti anxiety med. We believe he will eventually grow out of it, since his history is unknown and was most likely abandoned. The meds did help a little but do take a while to kick in. I then remembered I had an anti bark collar, and decided to try it. It was an off brand I bought years ago. I used it once (about 15 min), and hated it. It constantly corrected him and he would just sit in the center of his crate panting like crazy.

So one day I was reading reviews on different collars and stumbled upon this device. I am glad I decided to try it. It has been such a positive outcome. No more nuisance barking, no more urinating. I like the fact that it only corrects the nuisance barking and will not correct him for every noise he would make. I also like how it will adjust to only use the minimal amount of stimulation necessary to correct him. It only took about 1-2 days for him to adjust. He doesn't even fear the collar(unlike the last one). I highly recommend this product. I can't attest to the durability yet, but from what I read it is very reliable.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 10158
Reviewed: 2014-04-23

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